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FAST TRACK to IB 45 using tried and true methods that GUARANTEE 7s. No need to experiment or reinvent the wheel, simply apply the REFINED STRATEGIES of those who have excelled before you and secure your path to a GUARANTEED 45

Your pathway to a future where achieving 7s is second nature

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What is
Scholars Pact?

Scholars Pact is a COURSE and TUTORING ORGANIZATION that helps students easily and consistently achieve 7s.

For only 100 USD a month, you gain access to 8 group tutoring classes, extracted past paper questions, past papers, my sample IAs, my course videos, instant feedback (24hr), mentorship, and more!

What differentiates Scholars Pact with other organizations is that we do not only teach content, but also short cut strategies that help make attaining academic perfection easy.

Instant Feedback

Receive instant and detailed feedback within 24 hours to accelerate your progress and maximize your exam preparation. Don't wait weeks for feedback from your teachers. YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO WAIT! YOU NEED FEEDBACK TO IMPROVE!

Unlimited past papers

You need past papers, Extracted past paper questions, and past school tests in order to guarantee 7s. Your school will not provide you with an abundance of past papers. But Scholars Pact will!

Under the table techniques

We teach unconventional techniques that will never be taught in school. These are short cut methods that ensure you get 7s even with minimal practice!

My sample 7/7 IA and papers

your school will never provide you a perfect sample to "copy". my sample papers will allow you to better understand how to approach the IA or paper in order to acheive 7s!

tailored step by step blueprint

We will tailor a personalized, step-by-step approach to ensure you achieve 45 in the most effortless manner. You will navigate on autopilot, eliminating stress and the need to excessively think. Simply apply the plan and watch your achievements unfold effortlessly!

never take notes again

Why reinvent the wheel? Why risk uncertainty? Why waste time making new notes every year, spending time researching, comparing, condensing, and writing. instead use notes that have already been tested during the IB and guarantees 7s once memorized!

The Subjects We Teach

Completely Online

Location independent


Get Real Results

If you genuinely give your 100% effort and don’t see any long term improvement… Then quit. You can cancel at any time

That’s why we’re priced at a fraction of the cost of regular educational institutions. 100USD a month with unlimited support vs 100USD an hour elsewhere.

We provide you with the real secrets and tactics used by successful scholars, if the teachers at school were ALREADY teaching this, you wouldn’t be on this page.

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Scholars Pact students are winners because they take decisive action. We unveil a proven path to success.

But just as there are achievers, there are losers.
What sets them apart ?

One seizes every opportunity , embracing them with an open heart and no regrets.

The other hesitates, letting life-changing opportunities slip away. Which one will you be?

Regardless, Scholars Pact continues to triumph. For only 100 USD, you have everything to gain and almost nothing to lose.

If you want to win you must beat your competitors, guess what? Your competitors are probably also using Scholars pact, you're missing out!

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Note: Scholars Pact, an educational platform, recognizes that success is solely determined by your unwavering endeavors

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$100 every month afterwords

The Choice Is Yours

Your teachers do not want you to succeed. Your teachers are not on your side, but once you join Scholars Pact, you will have a coalition that supports you.

We've devoted years to refining the tactics. and strategies necessary to excel in academics, crafting an approach that turns studying into a seamless process. Our expertise will make tests feel effortless, to the point where you could breeze through them even while asleep. The skills forged within our coalition will allow you to complete exams well ahead of

Become intelligent and respected allowing you to join prestigious universities. If you do not fail yourself, then we will not fail YOU.

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